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How to Sign Up and Write an Article

If you are a member of the JustPlay community and want to contribute to this site, here is how the process works:

  1. Register for an account here: community.justplaygames.uk/wp-login
  2. The JustPlay staff will approve your account. It won’t be instant, so be patient!
  3. Once approved, log in using the same link
  4. Start writing! Make sure to follow our article guidelines, below.
  5. Once your article is complete, set it to pending review in the Status & visibility section of the sidebar
  6. A staff member will review your article and then publish it (again, please be patient)

Setting your article to pending review

Article Guidelines

In order to keep the site looking great and also keep it nicely organised, please adhere to the following guidelines for your posts:

  1. If you aren’t confident in your writing (and to be honest, even if you are), use a spellchecker, and possibly a grammar assistant like Grammarly. Consider asking a friend to proofread your article (JustPlay staff won’t have time to proofread everything, sorry!)
  2. Use pictures and other multimedia. A good article is not only text. Pictures should be taken on a good quality camera, not fuzzy, and well lit.
  3. Categorise your article properly. The categories we use are by game, so choose the correct one.
  4. Tag your article properly. Articles should be tagged with the appropriate tag for their campaign name or game type as well as the correct tags for the armies involved (eg “Craftworlds”, “Space Marines”, “Idoneth Deepkin”, “German”)