The Sector JPG Crusade: Introduction & Rules

With the release of 9th edition Warhammer 40,000, everybody is looking at building new armies or reforging old ones, and we figured what better way to ring in the new edition than a campaign using the new Crusade rules!

Players will build a Crusade force using the standard rules, and will play games against other crusaders each week. The games will start at 25 Power Level and increase slowly in power level until you have a large and storied force worthy of a full game of Warhammer 40,000!

A Tau Crusade planning session: It’s for your own good, really.

The campaign will have just a few simple rules:

  • Forces must be built as per standard Crusade rules
  • The campaign will begin on Monday 10th August and last for 12 weeks. Games will start at 25 Power Level for the first few weeks, and then slowly increase. We’ll give out some free RP to increase your Order of Battle size, but don’t forget to save some up, too!
  • There is no limit to the number of games you may play each week.
  • Sector-JPG is an unpredictable warzone. During each round, there may be modifiers in effect, rules tweaks that will affect your games; we will post these in-store each week. Be ready for anything!

And a few suggestions from us:

  • is a new site dedicated to our players, so that you have somewhere to record your games and your hobby – we highly encourage you to read our Write an Article page and write about your campaign experiences!
  • The campaign is intended to be fun for everyone, so please try to build your lists with this in mind – consider your narrative, and don’t over-optimise!
  • Maintaining your Crusade list will be your responsibility. Use a Crusade Journal or similar so that you and your opponents know what’s in your force (you could also keep a public log on this site!)

If you want to get involved (and why wouldn’t you? It’s going to be AWESOME), head over to the JustPlay store and buy a ticket – the campaign costs just £5 to enter and you’ll receive a £5 gift card for doing so!

Edit: FAQ and Errata

We’ve been asked some questions regarding the general rules for Crusade and the campaign rules, so here’s our unofficial FAQ. We’ve also spotted a few issues which we’re going to fix.

Can I spend my initial Requisition Points on units in my initial Order of Battle (for example, to give them Warlord Traits, Relics, or apply Strategems to them)? – Yes

Fresh Recruits (page 316) – Change the last sentence to read:

“If the unit you selected has achieved the Blooded rank or higher, you must increase its Crusade Points total by 1 for each rank after Battle-ready it has achieved if this requisition increases its Power Rating from 10 or less to 11 or more.”

Crusade Relics, Master Crafted Armour (Page 322) – Change this to read:

“Add 1 to armour saving throws made for the bearer. In addition,
each time the bearer would lose a wound as the result of a mortal wound, roll one D6: on a 6+, that wound is not lost.”

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