Imperial Fists vs Saim-Hann – Skirmish!

Ash and Josh have been working hard to finish the latest edition of the Heralds of Ruin system for skirmish battles in Warhammer 40,000. In the latest round of test games, Ash’s tournament-terrorising jetbike warband Khaine’s Arrows took on an Imperial Fist contingent of Phobos- armoured Primaris marines.

Josh’s converted actually-stealthy Phobos leader signals a target.

With some simple headswaps from Reivers, Josh has turned his Infiltrators into a cadre of grim assassins, out for the heads of insurrectionists and aliens alike.

Sheer speed and aggression has carried the Arrows to victory before, but with points changes leaving them a Windrider and a Ranger down, would they have the numbers? This mission features 6 objectives, which score more points the closer to your opponent’s territory they are – whereas holding your own objective scores no points at all!

Just about as sneaky as a crowd of bright yellow marines can be…

The Aeldari are converted too: The Shining Spears started life as Windriders, adding spears taken from the Eternal Guard kit from Age of Sigmar, and heads from Drukhari Reavers. The Warlock Skyrunner and Exarch pilot the older mark of jetbike that Shining Spears usually ride, and it surges into battle amid a cloud of ethereal dragonflies from Malign Sorcery to represent his Distortion Field ability. The stealthy Ranger – out of place in her desert camo – is made from an Eternal Guard and a Skitarii Ranger.

The Imperial Fists were able to take a number of objectives early on, pushing closer to Eldar territory with every move. Leaving their home objective in the care of a single Ranger, the Skyrunner and Shining Spears took the fight to the marines, and things got bloody.

Swift and deadly as they are, the Craftworlders couldn’t be everywhere at once, and for every objective cleared of Imperial meddling, another was scoring big points for the Fists! Splitting up, each Aspect Warrior needed to find their mark to turn the day around. They delivered in their time of need. Wounded and battered from expert bolter drills, at the last moment the Eldar swept the biggest-scoring objectives in the centre ground and enemy territory for the win!

One of these marines has been at war for much longer than the other, and now neither of them will ever be again.

The finishing touches are being put on the Heralds of Ruin rules now, and we’ll be back next week with more Skirmish action!

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